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Zomato APK Download For Android | Food Delivery & Dining 2023

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If you are looking for good taste, and hygienic food then Zomato App is the best option for you. It contains several restaurants, hotels, and cafes along with its menu. The app also shows the phone number, complete address, and exact location of all the restaurants. If you are keen on food then try this app, it is very useful and beneficial for you. The app shows you thousands of restaurants at a time. You can add your favorite hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc to the “My feed” list and share this list with your friends, and family members, and also on the Zomato APK with other people. 

Use the app’s filter and order the food that you want to eat. Let us know about your experience by leaving a review after visiting the restaurant. It will deliver your food within a few minutes after you have ordered. Use different discounts and deals by downloading the Zomato APK. It is a great and helpful app. You can order food from McDonald’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks, etc from this app with just a single click. This app contains different varieties of food, and you can order according to your choice. 

Zomato APK

You may download it on all operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows with ease. Download this app free of cost. This app is present in many countries, and some of its features are different in different locations. It is used by millions of people all around the world, especially in UAE and India.

Features of Zomato APK:

Some of the important features of the Zomato app are written below:

1. Track your order:

You can track your food journey very easily through the tracking option on our app.

2. Restaurant details:

Menu, contact number, address, map location, reviews, and images are present on the app for your ease. You may also leave a review for the ease of other visitors. 

3. Order online food:

Order your food online and it will be reached your doorstep within a few minutes. 

4. Grab your order:

You can also pick up your food yourself from the restaurant after you ordered the food.

5. Use hygienic food:

Make sure to use hygienic food through this app because it will make you healthy.

6. Order a table:

Order a table in advance to keep yourself away from standing in lines.

7. Use search filters:

Search hygienic places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by using the search filters of the app.

What’s New in Zomato?

    • Rate your favorite dishes.
    • Now, you can pay through debit cards.
    • Add your favorite food to a separate list, called “My feed”.

How to install it?

    1. Download the Zomato app on your Android phone for free 
    2. Then, go to the downloaded folders and install the app
    3. It takes only a few minutes to complete the installation process 
    4. Finally, the app is installed successfully
    5. Now, it’s time to enjoy your meal.
    6. Open the app and order food from any restaurant.


If you want to download the app on pc or Macbook, then you have to install an Android emulator first.

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