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Truecaller APK For Android | 2024


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Truecaller APK For Android | 2024

Truecaller APK for Android devices is a phone number blocker with which you won’t have to worry about all those annoying calls anymore.

Truecaller APK

Truecaller APK to Block Phone Spam and Unwanted Calls:

Surely sometime at nap time or the most inopportune moment (if there can be a more inopportune moment than the one mentioned) you have received a call from a telephone company to harass you with absurd offers that do not interest you. And who says telephone companies say any other company dedicated to telemarketing? Well, you can avoid receiving them with Truecaller APK, the application to blocks phone calls and identifies hidden phones that will prevent you from being bothered by any phone spammer again. Don’t hesitate to install Truecaller for free and stay away from all telephone hassles.

Truecaller APK is a phone blocker that is based on the information shared by its more than 250 million users. In other words, there are hundreds of thousands of telephone numbers contributed by all of them that help you to correctly identify many of the calls that you may receive from advertising and other bagpipes with which they want to make you dizzy. In turn, you can also make your contributions in case you receive one that is not on the list.

How To Use It?

Truecaller App works on give and take structure for example If you receive a call from an unknown number then search for the number in the app. The app will show you caller identity but in return, it will access your contact book and then send it to the company’s server.  When the user installs the app on his Android, the app will ask to grant access to your contacts. In this way, the server contains a lot of IDs and contact books to tell about the unknown number. The app does not demand even a single penny from its users but collects users’ contacts that contain essential information.

Features Of Truecaller APP Review:

  • Check the profile and status of others
  • Keep your profile and status private
  • Search for any unknown number and find its identity
  • Also, block the unwanted caller
  • Remove the spasms
  • Block the unwanted ads
  • Record all the calls by using this app
  • You can also send audio, photos, and videos
  • In some countries, you can also transfer money and pay bills, etc via this app
  • Make calls with your friends and family when you are free.

Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Truecaller APK:

I can give you some easy tips and tricks to optimize Truecaller APK. Optimizing means making it work better and faster. Here you go:

  • Update Truecaller: Get the newest Truecaller version from the app store. Updates often make it run better.
  • Clear Cache: In app settings, find and clear the cache. This removes temporary files that slow down the app.
  • Manage Call Log: Delete unnecessary call logs. Too many can make Truecaller slow.
  • Optimize Contacts: Keep your contact list neat. Remove doubles and update old info. This helps Truecaller work better.
  • Enable Offline Caller ID: If you don’t always need instant updates, turn on offline caller ID. It uses less internet.
  • Disable Unnecessary Features: If you don’t use some features, like SMS or call recording, turn them off in settings. This saves resources.
  • Adjust Blocking Settings: If you blocked many numbers, review and clean up the list. Too many blocks can slow things down.
  • Check Permissions: Make sure Truecaller has needed permissions, but don’t give extra ones. Check this in your phone settings.
  • Phone Storage: If your phone is almost full, Truecaller might be slow. Delete unused apps and files.
  • Restart Your Phone: Sometimes, restarting your phone solves problems. It clears out temporary data and restarts Truecaller fresh.

How To Install Truecaller APK?

  • Open the Proboxapk app from your Android
  • Then, search Truecaller APK
  • The app by clicking the install button
  • At last, install it and enjoy all the features


Truecaller APK is a useful app for Android users who want to stop annoying calls and spam. With info from over 250 million users, the app identifies and blocks calls from telemarketers and others. It’s easy to use, letting you check profiles, block unwanted calls, and keep your privacy.

Truecaller also has handy features like call recording, sharing media, and even making financial transactions in some places. Installing it is simple, and once it’s on your phone, you can enjoy a peaceful experience without bothersome calls and ads. If you’re tired of unwanted interruptions, give Truecaller a go and take back control of your phone.

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