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Likee APK is a free sharing and short video formation platform. It is used to make short videos for a few minutes. Moreover, you can shoot as well as edit the video and also add Magical effects, filter stickers, etc by using this app. This app is only for entertainment purposes. It is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It is simple and easy to use. Millions of people use this interesting app all over the World.

Likee APK Latest Version provides a platform for brilliant artists and gives them a chance to make high-quality videos. This app also enhances your fan base very quickly. The app not only provides funny videos, music clips, and Likers videos, etc but you can also watch skillful and interesting videos. Furthermore, you can also search for your favorite videos easily. In addition, you can also get a chance to meet millions of superstars from all over the World.

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The Popularity of Short Video Apps:

Short video apps like Likee have gained immense popularity due to their accessibility and the ability to deliver engaging content in a short amount of time. People can quickly scroll through a variety of videos on their smartphones, making it an excellent source of entertainment and information.

Why Use Likee APK?

Using the Likee APK allows users to access the platform without going through traditional app stores. It’s a convenient way to enjoy the app while bypassing any restrictions or limitations imposed by official app stores. Additionally, the APK version often offers the latest updates.

Features of Likee App Online:

  1. It provides different types of editing tools
  2. This app offers different types of filters, effects, etc
  3. You can also add funny stickers to your video
  4. Use graceful makeup on yourself within a few seconds only
  5. Edit your videos and add 4D Magic effects to make them graceful
  6. Also, change your hair color
  7. Meet with superstars and talented artists easily.

What’s New Likee Apk?

  • Enhances the stability of your app
  • Add many new video editing functions
  • Fixes minor bugs also
  • Improve the performance
  • Add many new filters and effects.

How to Install Likee App?

  1. Run the Likee APK  new version on your Smartphone for free
  2. Then, go to the run folders and install the app
  3. It takes only a few minutes to complete the installation process
  4. After that, the app is installed successfully
  5. Create your account to enjoy all the features
  6. Finally, make videos and add music to them.


Likee APK offers a creative and engaging platform for short video enthusiasts. With its features and tools, you can craft captivating content and connect with a vibrant community of users. Download Likee APK today to explore this exciting world of short videos.


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